Parkers Prairie is a town of 1,000 people. We just ran our 5th Annual league and had 89 teams. Mike and Christy make it easy for us to run an organized, quality league. The website, registration process, payment management and marketing services they provide really minimize our workload. Parents are able to get quick answers directly from 3 on 3 Hoops Hub so I’m not responding to a lot of calls and emails. They support us every step of the way and no details are missed. Parents and players LOVE the atmosphere of 3 on 3 it is safe and fun. And every team loves getting their team T-shirts! The money we earn goes into our Panthers Booster account and is our most lucrative fundraiser while also promoting the game of basketball. I highly recommend working with Mike and Christy - they are a well-oiled machine.
-Becky K., Parkers Prairie League Site Director

The reason I chose 3 on 3 Hoops Hub/Midwest 3 on 3 for the Brainerd Lakes Area was because of their professionalism and the overall quality of the product they put out. Some of the advantages are, they handle all the registrations including payments through their webpage, scheduling of games from beginning to end, organizing all t-shirts and scoring docs along with a list of supplies for staff. As the site director for the past 3 years we had over 20 communities from the area participate in our league. I think that is a testament to the Midwest 3 on 3’s commitment to expand basketball throughout not just the metro but the outstate regions as well. This past year was the most successful to date and with the positive feedback we have been receiving it will only continue to grow.
-Matt P, Brainerd League Site Director

I have worked with 3 on 3 Hoops Hub/Midwest 3 on 3 for the past 5 years. I’ve run ten 3 on 3 basketball leagues with them. They have been a wonderful partner to work with. They are very experienced, organized, efficient and easy to work with. They have clear and concise communications. I know what is expected of me and also what is expected from them. It is a seamless partnership. They always issue league proceeds in a timely manner. The website is maintained with all necessary league information for participants and parents such as registration, philosophy & rules, schedules, and league information. They will email parents when any changes come up such as school location changes or any weather issues. They will take scheduling requests from teams that may have a conflict on a particular league day. Parents like that as they then don't have to miss a week of play. They monitor the scores of games and ensure teams of similar ability will play each other and they strive to create the best match ups. I'm glad I partnered with 3 on 3 Hoops Hub/Midwest 3 on 3.  It has been a great relationship!
-Brian B, Prior Lake Site Director