The Case for 3 on 3 Basketball



According to, over 20 million people participated in basketball each year in the US over the last decade. There are countless choices of camps, clinics, trainings, and teams/clubs for basketball players to choose from. Factors that influence what parents are choosing for their child may include cost, time commitment, location, expected player development, quality of coach/instructor, and player enjoyment.

Case Study

Midwest 3 on 3 Basketball

Despite the growing number of basketball options for youth players, Midwest 3 on 3 has rapidly grown from a single league serving about 150 players to more than 30 leagues & tournaments serving over 12,500 players annually. Using data collected from Midwest 3 on 3 leagues, 5 on 5 games and participant questionnaires, we may begin to understand the rise in popularity of the 3 on 3 format over the 5 on 5 basketball option. The data portrayed here is a small sample and results vary among participants.